About Manor

In 2021, Manor opened the doors of business to its clients. We gathered excellent people and created a team of agents with many years of experience in work from the entire county.
We have found our home, now we are here to help you. At Manor, we know that there is nothing more powerful than the word home. Guided by this thinking, our name Manor is a word that originates from the Middle Ages, denoting a noble estate. The key property on the property is built to stand forever and represents strength and durability. Safety, trust and knowledge is what we offer to every client. We know that every collaboration is unique and that the key element of every successful business is understanding. Whether you are selling, buying, renting or investing, our team of experts will help you realize your wishes and open the door to a new home.

When we created our brand, we had a clear vision of how we wanted to develop and which personalities to build our team with. What makes any space more beautiful are the people we share it with. At the center of Manor's concept are people, experts in different fields of knowledge. We have combined the best of each: the speed and way of processing information among younger people and polite communication, culture and experience among older people. They all share a common passion for real estate and working with people. Creativity, quality and passion are the basis of our success and work.

Manor for buyers

Deciding to buy is not an easy choice, that's why Manor is there for you from the very beginning. Our team of experts is familiar with all the news on the real estate market. We researched the properties for you, checked the prices, completed the deficiencies and obtained all the necessary documentation. Every collaboration is special and unique, that's why we respect your wishes and needs when creating an offer. Agreements with sellers, viewing real estate, drawing up an offer - you leave all the details to us. We are with you every step of the way. The entire process is accompanied by our legal service, which reduces the risk and speeds up the purchase and sale.

Manor for sellers

Selling doesn't have to be a complex process, especially when you have Manor by your side. Our team of experts comes to the location where they will make an expert assessment of the condition and value of the property and take photos of the interior and exterior of the space. We will advertise your property through various advertisers and media. We advertise our offer through portals such as Njuškalo, index, Crozilla, and we have also expanded to the foreign market, where your properties will be offered to a wider market area. Manor conducts negotiations with customers for you, agrees prices, prepares handover records, obtains all necessary paperwork. Manora legal assistance is always at your service and working for you. Manor considers the satisfaction of its sellers extremely important, and we try to make buying and selling as easy, fast and secure as possible.